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WWII US Pilot Grouping

WWII US Pilot Grouping

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This is a very interesting aviation grouping. The grouping consists of seven items which include:

1) Aviator flight log book. Unused condition.
2) 1941 Pilot Seat Parachute type S-1 memorandum of receipt.
3) 1944 Group picture of pilots in training. Cleared by censors.
4) Honorable discharge document copy. Not for the pilot.
5) 1962 Grand Kabuki Theater admission ticket.
6) 1963 two pages from magazine describing new aircraft designations. very informative.

The log book is pretty much blank. The only entry is the name of the crew chief. All other pages are blank.

The debit memorandum receipt is an interesting document. Issued by the parachute department of Randolph Field in Texas. Indicates that the pilot received a seat parachute, Type S-1.

The discharge document does not seem to fit the grouping but it was part of it when we got it so we are including it here.

Location : Island V