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1950's US Air Force Officer Summer Dress Uniform

1950's US Air Force Officer Summer Dress Uniform

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  • In very good condition
  • Khaki color
  • Small size
  • This is an original set of USAF Summer dress uniform

    This is a 1950's US Air Force (USAF) officer summer dress uniform grouping. Consisting of a tunic, shirt and pants. All items are in very good condition. No tears, holes or fraying. All items are small size.


    In very good condition. High quality tailor made. Leadership stripes on the cuffs. All the buttons are present. they are a dark silver color. Not sure if this is because of aging or if that is how they were manufactured. The buttons are attached to the tunic via the use of Brown plastic buttons sewn in the back. The buttons are stamped "Superior Quality"

    The tailor tag is found on the inside pocket. The waist of the jacket is plain. it does not have belt loops or anything else. Approximate size 38.


    In very good condition. No tears or holes. Khaki color. Approximate size between 28 and 30. the zipper is made by the Conmar company and works well. The rear pockets have a strap that attaches to the button. This provides a clean closure.

    White plastic buttons cover the perimeter of the inside of the waist. These are used to attach suspenders. The name of the owner is hand-written. A paper tag is stapled to the inside.


    In very good condition. No tears or holes. High quality tailor made. All the buttons are present. Tailor tag and two additional tags are found in the bottom section. An interesting feature is that the inside section where the sleeves attach to the main body have metal snaps sewn in place.

    This is an example of the military antiques and collectibles available for sale in our store.