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Minute Woman U.S.A. Membership Pin

Minute Woman U.S.A. Membership Pin

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This is a membership badge for the Minute Woman of the U.S.A. group. In very good condition. Pin-back construction. The front consists of an eagle on top of the letters WM. Enameled. The phrase "Guarding the land we love" is placed atop. The Minute Women of the U.S.A. was one of the largest of a number of anti-communist women's groups that were active during the 1950s and early 1960s. Such groups, which organized American suburban housewives into anti-communist study groups, political activism and letter-writing campaigns, were a bedrock of support for McCarthyism.

The primary concerns of the Minute Women and other similar groups were the exposure of communist subversion, the defence of constitutional limits, opposition to atheism, socialism and social welfare provisions such as the New Deal; and rejection of internationalism, particularly in the form of the United Nations. They campaigned to expose supposedly Communist individuals, focusing particularly on school and university administrators.

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