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US WWII AAF Summer Officer Uniform - CBI

US WWII AAF Summer Officer Uniform - CBI

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  • Model: 17558
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  • in very good condition
  • CIB and AAF older patches
  • Major rank. Pinback insignia
  • Jump wings (clutch back construction) with red flash
  • Bullion patches on sleeves. Some damage to patches
  • Size : Small to medium

    This is a US Army Air Force officer summer uniform. In very good condition. There are a few moth holes near the top pocket of the tunic. The patches are older. A mix of bullion and felt construction. Moths have eaten parts of the felt.

    This uniform was tailor made. There is only one tag present in the inside pocket of the jacket. No information written on it. The name of the owner can be found written in black ink on the inside of the jacket.

    Small size. The pants are approximatelly size 29. The jacket is medium.

    This is an example of the military antiques and collectibles available for sale in our store.