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WWII 60 MM Mortar Shell Wooden Crate

WWII 60 MM Mortar Shell Wooden Crate

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  • Model: 27803
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  • In very good condition
  • Nicel stenceling applied all over
  • Complete with rope handle
  • Most are dated 1944
  • measures 16" x 14" x 7 1/2" inches
  • Very hard to find. Most were destroyed.
  • This is an orignal WWII mortar shell crate

    This is the wooden crate where the 60 mm mortar shells were shipped.

    These wooden crates are very hard to find because most of them were destroyed during the war. The GI’s used the wood for burning camp fires. The wood was also employed to enforce treches and makeshift headquarters.

    Since there are a few crates available the one you receice may not be the one shown in the photos. However, the condition and markings will be very similar.

    Some of the crates come with the cardboard dividers and a firing table which describes the distance the projectile will travel based on the angle of the tube.

    This is an example of the military antiques and collectibles available for sale in our store.