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Signed Yoshifusa - 1944 WWII Japanese Katana

Signed Yoshifusa - 1944 WWII Japanese Katana

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The Samurai sword played a key role for the Japanese armed forces in WWII.

The Japanese were the only modern armed forces in recent history to issue a sword as part of their standard fighting equipment. Some of the blades were old and were handed down the family line. Other soldiers preferred to order a brand new blade. Another option was to simply accept a Showato (machine made blade) issued by the government.

In all cases the blades were fitted in standard military attire.

Most likely brought back as a war souvenir. The sword offered for sale here is a fine example of the sword employed by the Japanese soldier's in WWII. Items like this were acquired in the battlefield or after the soldier's surrendered their weapons at the end of the war.

Featured extensively in movies, TV shows, books, comic books, etc. The Samurai sword is one of the most recognizable icons of WWII and beyond. The sword featured here for sale provides you the opportunity to own one of these interesting and revered pieces of history.

This is a WWII Japanese Katana Samurai sword. In overall very good condition.

Dated November 1944. Made by sword smith Yoshifusa.

The sword has late war fittings. Known as the 1944 model. The Tsuba is plain and solid.