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1950's US Navy Wet Weather Deck Coveralls - USS Ozark

1950's US Navy Wet Weather Deck Coveralls - USS Ozark

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The USS Ozark (LSV–2/CM-7/AP-107/MCS-2) was a Catskill-class vehicle landing ship built for the United States Navy during World War II. Named for the native American Ozark tribe of the Quapaw confederacy, she was the third U.S. Naval vessel to bear the name.

This is a set of wet weather deck coveralls. In very good condition. No tears or holes. The material remains nice and pliable. Single front pocket with a cover. Black flat metal buttons are located in multiple places. Two of them in the upper section provide an anchor for the suspenders. Four of them close the main front opening. Each side has a flap with two buttons closing it. a large Aluminum zipper opens up each side. Manufactured by the Conmar company. Both are in working order.

The front of the coveralls is stamped "Ozark deck". The inside has a stamp showing the contract number (late 1950's). Size 7.

The hat is not included.

This is an example of the military antiques and collectibles available for sale in our store.