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Atlas Centaur Rocket Postcard

Atlas Centaur Rocket Postcard

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  • In very good condition
  • Taken at Kennedy space Center
  • Early 1960’s production
  • This is an original postcard

    The Atlas-Centaur was an American expendable launch system designed and built by General Dynamics Convair Division in San Diego, CA. It was derived from the SM-65 Atlas missile. It was a member of the Atlas family of rockets, and was used for 61 orbital launches between 1962 and 1983.[1][dead link] It was replaced by the Atlas G, which still contains a Centaur upper stage on top of an Atlas rocket. It was the first rocket to use cryogenic fuel; the Centaur stage featured two Pratt and Whitney RL-10 engines that used cryogenic propellant: liquid hydrogen(LH2)-473 deg. F and liquid oxygen(LO2) -320 deg. F.

    This is an example of the military antiqeus and collectibles available for sale in our store.