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1940's Veteran of Foreign Wars Medal

This is the medal given to a member of ...

1942 AIRCRAFT RECOGNITION Wheel for Aircraft Identification

In very good condition. The inner wheel...

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Chicago 1939 Pin

In very good condition. Pin back constr...

Minute Woman U.S.A. Membership Pin

This is a membership badge for the Minu...

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US Armed Forces Son In Service Pin

In very good condition Pin back Sterl...

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US World War Disabled Veteran Medal

This is a US disabled veteran small med...

Vintage American Wooden Chips

In very good condition. Set of two. One...

WWII 5th Army Pillow Case

In very good condition Colorful design...

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WWII Era Florida Marching Band Award Medal

This is a US marching band award medal....

 Sold Out 
WWII Era Marching band Contest Award Medal

This is a US marching band award medal....

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WWII Italian Flag Pendant

In very good condition....

WWII JOhnson and Johnson First Aid Kit

In very good condition Comes with scis...

 Sold Out 

New Products For May - WWII US (1939-1945)

WWII US Police Holster

In very good condition Colored black. ...

WWII US Army Fort Knox Armored Unit Scarf

In very good condition Nicely embroide...

WWII US Army Pillow Case

In very good condition Camp Croft SC ...

WWII Red Cross Hat Pin

in very good condition Beautiful ename...

WWII US Flint Patch

In very good condition Shows the word ...

WWII US Army Private Rank Sweetheart Jewelry

In very good condtion Pin-back constru...