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Field Gear - Other

Model Product Image Item Name Price
WWII US Marine Corps Camouflaged Strap

In very good condition Heavu duty meta...

WWII US Marine Corps Combat Suspenders

In very good condition Early brass fit...

 Sold Out 
WWII US Navt Whistle - 1944

In very good condition Green plastic c...

 Sold Out 

New Products For November - WWII US (1939-1945)

WWII US Army Pick with canvis Carrier

This is an US Army pick with canvis car...

WWII US Army M-1 Garand Front Fitting

This is the front section of the M-1 Ga...

WWII US Army BG-72 Signal Lamp case

This is the carrying case for the US Ar...

WWII US Army Field Bandage in Box

In very good condition Complete with t...

WWII US Army Shoe Dubbing Paste

This is a can of shoe dubbing paste. As...

WWII US Army 60 mm Mortar Shell Wooden Box

This is a WWII US Army 60 mm mortar she...