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Field Gear - Other

Model Product Image Item Name Price
WWII US Army Pearl Plate Polishing Paste

This is a WWII US Army polishing paste....

 Sold Out 
WWII US Army Pick with canvis Carrier

This is an US Army pick with canvis car...

 Sold Out 
WWII US Army Shelter Half

In very good condition Has some repair...

 Sold Out 
WWII US Army Shoe Dubbing Paste

This is a can of shoe dubbing paste. As...

 Sold Out 
WWII US Army Signal Corps Lamp

This is a WWII US Army signal corps lam...

WWII US Army Ski Goggles

In very good condition. Glass lenses. T...

WWII US Army Transport Bag

In very good condiition Heavy duty con...

 Sold Out 
WWII US Army Water Purification pills

In very good condition In issue bottle...

 Sold Out 
WWII US Liberty Ship Pulley Wheel

In very good condition Wooden construc...

WWII US Marine Corps Camo Hamac mosquito Cover

In very good condition Covers entire h...

 Sold Out 
WWII US Marine Corps Camouflaged Strap

In near mint condition All one camo pa...

WWII US Marine Corps Camouflaged Strap

In very good condition Heavu duty meta...


New Products For August - WWII US (1939-1945)

1942 WWII US Marine Corps Combat Suspender System with canteen

This is a WWII US Marine Corps (USMC) f...

WWII US Army M 1911 Cartridges Cal .45 Wooden Ammo Box

This is a wooden ammo carrying box for ...

WWII US Army Cargo Packboard

This is a WWII US Army pack board. In v...

WWII US Army EE-8 Leather Field Phone

This is a WWII US Army field phone. Typ...

WWII US Army Paratrooper Wrist Compass - Taylor

This is a US Army paratrooper wrist com...

1944 WWII US Army Packboard

This is a WWII US army pack board. In v...