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Field Gear - Other

Model Product Image Item Name Price
1940’s Klein Tools Pocket Knife

In very good condition No cracks to th...

 Sold Out 
1942 US Army Carlisle First Aid Dressing

In very good condition. Dated 1942. Ori...

 Sold Out 
1942 WWII US Marine Corps Combat Suspender System with canteen

This is a WWII US Marine Corps (USMC) f...

 Sold Out 
1944 WWIi US Army Food Tray

In very good condition Metal construct...

1944 WWII US Army Packboard

This is a WWII US army pack board. In v...

1944 WWII US Pitch Speed RPM Computers and Cross Drift Detector

This is a set of computers created for ...

 Sold Out 
US Army Airforce All Purpose Goggle Kit

In very good condition. Comes with thre...

 Sold Out 
US Army Antena Carrying Case

In good condition Canvis construction....

 Sold Out 
WWII 1944 Tool Roll for Carpenters

This is an interesting item. A tool rol...

WWII 60 MM Mortar Shell Wooden Crate

In very good condition Nicel stencelin...

 Sold Out 
WWII U.S Army spare barrel cover

In very good condition This is an orig...

WWII US Anti Aircraft Gun Magazine

In very good condition Heavy duty cons...


New Products For September - WWII US (1939-1945)

WWII US Army Field Bandage in Box

In very good condition Complete with t...

WWII US Army 81 MM Mortar Round Wooden Transport Box

In very good condition Measures All h...

WWII US Army Shoe Dubbing Paste

This is a can of shoe dubbing paste. As...

WWII US Army M-1 Garand Front Fitting

This is the front section of the M-1 Ga...

WWII US Army BG-72 Signal Lamp case

This is the carrying case for the US Ar...

1940’s Klein Tools Pocket Knife

In very good condition No cracks to th...